Yo, I'm Myers21 ... a straight up G.
I Like hanging with my Homie
Ballin' on the East Side!


as if - I'm a total punk princess. don't matter to me if sometimes other people don't think i'm so cool.  I love music and hanging with my family and friends! I don't usually follow uthers... i do wat i can.    and, I CAN'T LIVE without the lyrics that run through my head ever second.
i think it's funny when I try ta get a group of 11 and 12 year-old boys ta listen ta me, so i can coach a frigen soccer team.
I LOVE the random times when
me or my friends have blond moment, or, do something rrly stupid or random. Us in Hot Topic. or, The cool stuff we do in school.   I just try ta be myself.
I hate
people who judge other ppl ... or think they're better than other people. I can do without school. I also hte Math! and a bunch of other random other things ppl do ta try ta look cool or something.

I am not much ... the person you will most likely forget. but, at least i'm trying. the one you ... turn and ask "who waz that?" This is not just something I wrote. I am THIS!

   -Myers 21  ( The
hated , The Untold Story, Me! )

More About Me

   Yo!!!    name -     Myers21
                        age - 14

   Music is my drug for living            gets my through anything

Yo!, i'm a aweome chick who is never afraid to speak her mind and be a lil' diffrent, if i think it's cool i'll do it!

i'm always into a challenge, other people, new people, new things, poems, music, concerts, you, whatever is going on,

Im         not           into          anything      much

but, MUSIC
i'm never into broken hearts ... especialy when it's my own, broken people, or broken dreams    ....  unfaithfull promises, lyies, and alot of people ... the ones who think there better than someone else ... and people who judge ... and some old friends, drugs ... especially the people who you used to love are on them, death, pain, being alone, when people who leave you ... or don't like you for something, not being good enough for people, and             i'm           never          into                       me  

if you don't like it.. then leave     you don't have to hate me spread rumors about me or any crap like that    please      i like never change your life, so don't try to change mine

and remember    watever you do, won't change me    your only one person and i have friends, i don't need someone like you to try to change me

   more about me..... 

(My favs. usually change like, everyday ... but, currently... my favs. are...)

Songs -

Welcome to my Life - Simple plan
When I'm Gone - Eminem
Hum Hallujah - Fall Out Boy
Sadie Hackins Dance - Relient K
I'm Gay - Bowling for Soup
Friendly Goodbye - Bowling for Soup

Music Video -
Thnk fr th mmr -  Fall Out Boy
The river - Good charolette

Syings -

"Be a leader, not a fallower"
"Music is like candy, just throw out the rappers and it's good!"
"Get me a soda!"
" Brintey could have been gangster!"

Lyrics from songs-

"Some times we take chances, simetimes we take pills" - Hum Hallujah

"I'm just a normal boy that sank when  I  fell over board" - Into the Ocean

"I can write it better than you ever felt it... So Hum Hallujah... Just off the key of reason...  I thought I loved you, I guess it was just the way you looked in the light!" - Hum Hallujah

"I am an arms dealer, filling you with weapons in the form of words"        "Band wagons full, please catch another"     "At night were painting your trash gold while you sleep"  - This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race

"Last years wishes are this year apoligies" - I'm like a Lawyer......

"You Don't Know Me... You Don't Even Care.... You Don't Wear my Chains" - Boston

"Don't pretend U ever think (or forget) about me..."    "We don't fight fair" - The Take Over, the Breaks Over

Colors - red,   black , and white

Signs -
Cross-bone, wings, the Fall Out Boy sign (keyhole), Wings, and the Cross


 broken hearts - cuz that's my life 

band -

people - my family, my friends, Brandon Urlie (for those of you who like, don't have a clue... he's the singer of Panic! at the Disco)Ryan Ross (everyone should also no this already... but, I no some people have problems... he's the guitarist of panic! at the Disco)    and like... dah! my fav Pete Wentz (If u don't no who this is i don't even no why i watse my time knowing a person like u.... he's the freakin' king of punk music person ever... the bass guitarist of Fall Out Boy!!!!!!!)

  thing I've ever done - Fall Out  Boy concert, and  a Panic! at the Disco concert

subject - Science

words- random, like, dah,

Sports -    soccer

Music - whatever my mood is, i have a huge number of favorites

clothes - anyhing cool... okey...  for real....
  pants - jeans, cargo pants
  shirt - My Fall Out Boy shirt (I got it from the concert I went to), or any other band shirt... have 2 wear 2 and roll my sleaves (it's a problem I have - OCD)



- gum

- my family
- skateboards, bikes
- Moutain dew and Sprite  ( - diet cuz i'm fat)
- my cell phone (being on the phone)
- computers
- concerts
- bands
- music videos
- wrist bands
- necklases
- dog-tags (I have a Fall Out Boy one)
- being with cool people
- danceing (even if it not the best, lol)


  being grounded from the phone or computer
math, english - and alot of other things about skool
cheerleaders (or anyone) who thinks there better than someone else
rappers who only have like, 20 lyrics and try to make a song
Britney Spears.. and mostly any other girl singers (exept Pink, and Gwen Stefani, Amy Lee, and any other girl from a punk band - cuz you know there awesome!)

So like... that's me     anymore question ... e-mail me   britneymyers21@yahoo.com


peace, love the Gap