random lyrics that i wrote....


Hope you remember,  
the memories with me.

Will you care if i died?
I don't wanna believe you just lied
I like to tell myself "i tried"
i cried

When i'm gone you're sure to see,
that i never had a happer ever after.
All thanks to your laughter.

Trying not to cry
I have seen right through your lie

But, why do we think they're right?

people just do it twice!


they can tell you every single thing, that is wrong with me
for that's the song they sing
they judge, but don't really know
They're waiting for us to show , who we can really be
but, they'll never truely see

i'm just the a girl in the background
waiting to be found
and ... (f.y.i.)  This isn't just a song
it's my life
I'm trying so hard to just move along
I have nothing much to give
not a reason to live
But, there isn't much to this life

Pease help before i dround
pull me up from the ground
This isn't just a song
I'm trying so hard to just move along

everyone's starin' , not really carin' , nobody's sharin'
everyone wants something

I have something to say
why do you walk away
I want something
they treat me like i'm nothing:'(

I wish someone could turn this nothing into something
nothing to something

I don't wanna cry ...
but, would it help if i try?

Will you even care if i die?
I'm not shy , but, everyday is a fight
another night ... i can't take it
i don't think i can make it!!!

**********     noises .... they come running in  .... she smiles  *************

This might be wrong ... It's been so long
but, it feels so right to be here tonight
This feels so right to be here with you with you
you're here for me .. I'm here for you
I'll do whatever you want too

I don't know if this is okay
but, I don't want this to be the end of the day

then you come ...
I thought i waz done
you have turned my nothing to something
This is the start
to fixing my broken heart

cuz i was just the girl in the background
Waiting to be found
this isn't just a song
I'm ready to move along

- myers  21