My Friends :

Don't get it twisted, don't get clever

You guys are the colest ever


    Some of my friends and there favorite sayings and memories


"Would you like us to asign someone to butter your muffin for you" - Mean girls  
 I LUV YOU ...  you are so random, and have an awesome style that i just can't get enough of, and i still love your sweatshirt and your aim icon, lol

oh, i didn't know i could fit down there. wat's in the box?

Can't wait till' next year when we're at Mcdowell

Corey  ( cousin )

"She says she's goin' runaway and never come back ... She's tryin' ta figue out why this world is so cold... she's forced to think that hell is a place called home!"

  - i love you, every memorie u have given me from the dirty pillow,to the sometimes nonstop singing to the chessenips    lol you are so  awesome

Jen Kalata

" It's better to ask for forgiveness, then for permission."

Yo! bear ... lol       fun times at my house   lol  

TROJANS - can't wait

Kearaney (cousin )

"I wish I didn't have to look at your face!"

 fun times at the gm games, and my house

Mason -

Dude, I Luve You!!!!   you're so random ... that's probable why we get along so well.   Can't wait til'  McDowell!

"Britney cold've been gangster"
 dude, u so gotta come over more ... you gangster goth ... lol      Can't wait ta spend more time wit you over the summer.



"   Coach I almost though you were cool!" - lol    i loved that
I love being random with you ... the Jesus Christ  Superstar videos      wwwwHHHHHeeerrreee  is your boy? -   lol
I love you ... you're always there for me   

dude, you r so cool ... even tho when you come over to my house you text me everytime i sit down ... lol      The Fall Out Boy concert waz awesome!!!  we so gotta do that again!

 Drew ( cousin )

 I love hanging out with you ... i don't get to see you enough        good time in Cook's forest     can't wait till' we go this summer!
but, really    the Rockets are way better than the cavs    lol

watching nate get drunk .  and expoding things .... we still gotta make a dry ice bomb!

  rachael    -   you are so cool, and funny ... you're always there to do something new, i love you, even if you are a preppy cheerleader ... lol   j/k 


 Dude, you are so cool  ... even tho you think swimming is better than soccer, with is total crap   lol

Austin - (even though you're going to Prep!)  dude,,, you awesome. so random and stuff!
Alex - (even though you're going ta Prep!)  you are way cool! i sooooo wanna see you play bass guitar!

Tyler -
(even though you're going ta Prep!)  dude .... awesome! you so fun ta hang out with

Mike -  you are cool. you so gotta help me in Social Studies next year.

Joe -
(even though you're going ta Prep!)  you're funny and cool ... but, yeah.  be more positive. lol

I LUV YOU GUYS!!!  I so wanna hang out with you guys over the summer!!! Call me ... (anytime!)